Rise and Rise of Article PR

EzineArticles expert author Glenn Murray wrote this article: The Rise and Rise of Article PR – What are the Implications?

George Murray

What Glenn refers to the “Article PR” model, we refer to as the “Article Syndication” model. They may mean the same thing, but it’s my experience that most PR people completely blow it to grasp or understand how this model works (with the proof being that they just spam us with their press releases instead of an educational article).

Four thoughts about Glenn’s article:

1) Glenn asserts based on Alexa rankings data that we have over (1) million visitors per day. Sorry, this projection is over-inflated by quite a bit. In defense of Glenn, he does make note that the Alexa data is over-inflated…but (IMO) the Alexa data is so far off that it’s unreliable to even consider or use to determine traffic level per day.

2) Right on Glenn! He said, “Readers want helpful, credible information; they don’t want badly written articles or empty words (‘article spam’) which simply carry a link.” We couldn’t agree more!

3) Glenn offered 6 ideas about the future of article submission sites. Generally, I think he’s right…except I don’t think we’ll find a decline in the articlespam that is sent in for a while as there will always be folks who will try to cut corners and attempt to slip one past us. This is our fight now… how do we maintain end-user trust and confidence while keeping the ‘thin’ or ‘fake’ articles out of our site. We’re throwing technology and editorial labor at the challenge right now.

4) Ahhhh, now I see why Glenn’s calling it “Article PR”… because he owns ArticlePR.com. Gee, that’s something I’d do. Nice branding Glenn. :)

Your thoughts?

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Priya Shah writes:

Some of my readers have also echoed the concern that over-use of article submission will make the technique spammy, hence useless. But even search engines like Google are now checking spam manually.

So I agree with Glenn when he says that human-edited directories will become essential and think these will weed out the spammy ones in the end.

Comment provided March 17, 2006 at 3:26 PM


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