Lion Starts March, Lamb Ends It

March came in as a Lion

Authors: If you’ve been watching your article traffic reports, you may have noticed that March came in roaring like a LION and is ending like a lamb.

Here’s an important lesson to keep in mind: Just like the stock market, our traffic patterns rarely go only straight up. There are often cycles and ups/downs based on the ebb and flow of the Internet.

In December 2005, we were feeling a little down because traffic wasn’t climbing through the roof like we expected it to but we made an important decision: To do NOTHING different… meaning, we believed in the business model and kept on approving articles, educating authors, and driving the business forward.

Know what happened in February? We had a record month, which is amazing considering it was a short 28-day month. This success was largely thanks to our quality expert authors who kept on driving right through the fog to continue writing and submitting quality original articles combined with our persistent efforts in December 2005 when things were looking more bleak than they are today.

What to do: If you already believe in article syndication as a business strategy for all of the benefits that it delivers, then be consistent and persistent if you want to be rewarded when the traffic sunshine comes again.

The authors who kept on sending in their best articles in December and January were rewarded big-time when traffic spiked in February.

Keeping the faith in the plan: It’s also important to keep the perspective that we’re still delivering tens of thousands of daily visitors to tens of thousands of authors…(and had over 2 million repeat visits this month!)

March left as a Lamb

…meaning, if you’re in it for the long-term as we are… the authors who continue without regard to whether it’s a heavy traffic day/week or not will continue to find value for their time invested creating original articles and submitting them.

Lastly, how come I couldn’t find any articles in our database about the origin of the history of why weather meterologists talk about whether March comes in or exits like a lamb or lion? There must be a reason why this lamb/lion or lion/lamb thing for March started, no? :)?


Edward Weiss writes:

Well said. I’ll never forget the time I started educating myself on marketing. One book that’s served me well over the years is Guerilla Marketing Attack by Jay Conrad Levinson.

He states a very important strategy which is: DON’T CHANGE YOUR MARKETING and sites entrepreneurs changing their marketing strategy as the number one reason for failure. He calls it “sellus interuptus.”

That is, just as your prospect is thinking about buying what you have to offer, the seller changes creative, offer, and other things around thereby crushing trust and desire of the prospect to becoming a customer.

I know for myself that sticking with the original plan is the hardest thing – especially when sales are slow!

Comment provided March 29, 2006 at 8:11 PM


Trevor Kassulke writes:

Yes, I couldn’t agree more. I was watching mid March in particular, thinking about the old adage “beware the Ides of March”, but this no longer seems to have any effect.
Maybe, like weather patterns, it is changing its behaviour. Anyway as you said March roared like a lion, but certainly the last few days have been lean.
Anyone who has dabbled in the share and currency markets know about highs and lows, but if you have used a process that has been successful, then stick with it as the favorable cycle will return.

Comment provided March 30, 2006 at 2:17 PM


Lance Winslow writes:

There is opportunity in Chaos. And I have enjoyed the randomness of opportunity while participating as one of the 20,000 authors providing 170,000 articles to this category killing website. My thoughts are when people are drawn to my site during a peak period, then they frequently visit after that, and thus the fluctuations of the Internet Web Traffic, only affect the stats, but not my over all game plan. Cycles, patterns, and controlled chaos are part of the world we live in and personally I wouldn’t want it any other way. If there is a lot going on in the news then web stats will drop for a few days. If the weather forces more people on the Internet, then traffic picks up. If we have a media event that people wish to learn more about then they get online and look it up. The trends and changes are what provide much of the opportunity and thus, each species has it niche. The Lion or the Lamb even in the year of the Rooster, Chicken or Dog; you know what? It’s all good to me!

Comment provided March 30, 2006 at 5:19 PM


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