Basic Members, 1 Week Delay

Currently we are backlogged (1+) week for BASIC levels members. It all started 2 weeks ago when we began a pro-active increase in the human spot checking level of every single BASIC level article submission. Our defense against PLR articles is two pronged, software identification and human identification. As you can guess, this new human level of checking beyond our normal levels have greatly increased the amount of time it takes to review/approve an article.

Platinum members are still getting same day or next day approval.

Basic level accounts are getting suspended about 4x more than they were before for sending in PLR articles or other infractions that exceed one of the 15+ regular infractions that can be fixed.

If Basic level members are irritated with us right now for not being able to approve their articles as fast as we were previously, they can blame private label rights submissions that clog up our ability to approve articles faster.

To solve this issue:

We’ve added 25% more labor to our editorial team, and will add more or extend our part-time editors to more hours so we can get back to a few days late for BASIC level members instead of a week+ delay.

Dear BASIC Level Member:

You can solve this problem too:

1) by making sure you send in only original articles that you have the exclusive rights to AND,

2) Simply send in more than 10 articles so that you reach the PLATINUM level of rank because we give a higher speed priority to PLATINUM article approvals.

Any questions?


Lance Winslow writes:

I think everyone understands. It is really unfortunate that a few scoundrels have attempted to cheat the system and manipulate the wonderful gift your website has brought to the World. It appears a few abusers have caused this. Why I feel this is unfortunate even though I now have over ten articles is that it takes you and your team away from other things you could be doing to make EzineArticles [the greatest article archive in human history] even better. It burns up man hours and it costs your company money. Money that could be better spent for the greater good of yourself, your team and the future of the Category Killer we all know and love; and those are my thoughts, even though I have now written enough articles to get past the basic level of membership. I thank you all.

Comment provided March 7, 2006 at 2:54 PM


susan scharfman writes:

I like what you’re doing. It shows me you are professionals who want to keep this website professional. Alas, I am working madly on a manuscript which keeps me from article writing. But I’ll be back at it pronto. Why should anyone care whether it takes a week to see their stuff in print? It takes authors years to get their books out. Complainers are amateurs. Stop whining and write.

Comment provided March 27, 2006 at 12:42 PM


Liz Alderson writes:

Absolutely right – I’m only a Basic Author largely due to time constraints – but I have every intention of submitting more articles as I have had so many links from the ones I have submitted.

I’m pleased that you’re stopping these auto generated articles – I work hard at the ones I have written.
This just sets your article directory above the others – good move.
And it will make me concentrate on getting to Platinum level in double quick time.
Sorry – you’re going to get 8 articles from me in the next week or two ;-)

Comment provided March 27, 2006 at 7:47 PM


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