AOL’s Shifting IP’s

Since last week, AOL users of our system have been having problems floating through the system to submit articles.

Here’s why: We use PHP to drive our site. This means, we use PHP Sessions to track members when they are logged in so that we don’t lose whatever they are doing as they move from page to page within the system.

What changed: AOL deployed some kind of new caching or security thing that changes your IP address almost every time you surf a new page. If you are an author with us and you use AOL, that means we can’t seem to keep track of you because you keep shifting IP addresses with every page you surf.

The solution:

We’ve spent a week re-writing our submission process and while we think we’re ready on Friday to test the new process flow that should fix this AOL change in policy, we’re going to wait till Monday because we never like making a major change before a weekend.

Yes, there are days when we shake our heads at what AOL users do with us, but they are also an important source of authors, clients and AOL itself sends our authors lots of traffic… so, hang tight if you’re on AOL and we’ll have this problem fixed before St. Patricks Day.

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Shauna writes:

I have been having this problem for a while now. I have been able to avoid this by using Internet Explorer instead of AOL when I submit articles.

I still use AOL for most of my interfacing because it is as familar as an old pair of jeans and has a great set up for young children.

So, if you need to submit this weekend simply log on through Internet Explorer.

Comment provided March 2, 2006 at 10:07 PM


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