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A question we receive often is this: “Which sections of your website get the most traffic so that I can place my articles in those areas.”

The question has faulty logic in it. The amount of traffic we receive per category is related to the quantity of articles we have in any category along with the demand for the topics by the viewing public and minorly influenced by the level of penetration we are able to receive by our RSS partners, email alerts, and other promotional tools.

Translation: The amount of traffic we receive in any category is meaningless to the original asked question.

For those who still want to know anyway, read on:

Based on yesterday’s traffic:

Our traffic received by top level category can be broken down into 4 tiers:

First tier:

Our HEALTH & FITNESS and HOME & FAMILY categories represent the largest chunk of daily interest. It’s no wonder because they are large categories with many sub-categories in each.

Second tier:

Finance, Arts & Entertainment, News & Society and Business comes in strong at approximately half of the daily traffic of the first tier.

Third tier:

Internet-Buisiness, Self Help, Food & Drink, Computers, Communications, Recreation and Automotive represent approximately half of the daily traffic of the 2nd tier.

Fourth tier:

Cancer, Legal, Kids, Women’s Issues, and home-based business issues. This fourth tier is largely a reflection on our lack of total articles in these categories…except for the home-based-business category. My only guess here is that there is a mega-abundant supply of those articles, so competition is intense for that type of traffic.

To re-iterate: All of the above information is meaningless to you, the article writer. Therefore, ignore this info and continue on your merry way writing and submitting quality original articles that you have a passion and expertise about.

Also, this data came from FRIDAY traffic. Mon-Thurs are our peak days and Fri-Sun traffic is almost always different than Mon-Thurs.

Any questions?

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Christi writes:

Well, guess I’m glad I’m writing mostly in the Home and Family (Pets) section. lol

You’re right, though, Chris, it isn’t how much traffic so much as how good the article(s) are. Since all the articles submitted any given day are also on the rss feed and on the website, people looking for good articles will find what they need. The other key, of course, is good key words.

Then, too, establishing a reputation for quality content will lead folks to bookmark your articles page and gain you a following that will be great for your biz.

Quality content is king, more than just “content.” ;-)

Comment provided February 25, 2006 at 6:33 AM


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