Web Content Awareness Day

Today is Dina Giolitto‘s big day… It’s her Web Content Awareness Day event.

I did a short interview with Dina to help my readers understand what this event is all about:

1) What is “Web Content Awareness Day”?

Web Content Awareness Day is “dedicated to all those who provide content for this great Web of ours.” It’s a day for all those who care about upholding quality and intelligence on the Web. The “Ezine Articles Expert Author Prototype” matches exactly the kind of content provider I speak of. Chris, I consider EzineArticles.com to be “mandatory content creation training” for new web marketers. So you could say that Web Content Awareness Day is a celebration for us expert authors who “graduated to the next level in our ongoing quest for content perfection.”

2) Why did you create this event?

I wanted to make a distinction between “Us and Them.” Us, being people who care about quality content, and Them, being people who don’t. I got my free marketing education here at EzineArticles.com and met a ton of terrific folks in your online author community. So I thought, why not blast a bunch of us out there? I hope that in promoting this event, I’m able to bring in even more Expert Authors, so we can keep the “top quality content momentum” going. I want to help make the web a better place, where honest businesspeople can thrive in harmony! ;)

3) Who benefits from WCAD?

Every WCAD participant benefits from the residual WCAD blog traffic to their websites. Newbies who want to learn “the right way to market online” will benefit hugely. Learn from the best – Chris Knight himself!

Expert authors, if you want to stand out in your category, hype something new on the web like this holiday. Drive traffic via article marketing, blogging, press releases. I’ll be talking more about this in my next “special report,” so visit Wordfeeder.com and drop your email in the sign-up box at the bottom to get your personal copy.

4) Care to share anything you’ve learned along the way of creating an awareness day?

I learned how to use “keywords with a twist” to attract the ideal customer. I learned how to “marry” great copy with viral marketing for optimal results in any niche market. I learned that I’m search engine-obsessed. :) Finally, I learned what I suspected all along… that when you bring together a group of Stellar Content Providers, you can get a LOT more accomplished than you ever could alone!

Thanks Dina for this interview. If you want to learn more about this WCAD event, surf on over to http://webcontentawarenessday.com/

Lastly, a question for the EzineArticles.com Blog audience:

What did you learn from Dina or from her use of event marketing to promote herself and the other experts listed on her site?

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Lance Winslow writes:

And what a great day it was. Indeed it is amazing how someone with vision can start such a synergetic movement on the Internet with Content Providers. Fantastic effort and great success. EzineArticles.com should be proud to be one of the major forces behind the providing of quality content on the Internet and we should all be so proud of Dina for making all of use writers, ezine editors and webmaster look so good. Thank you Dina.

Comment provided February 9, 2006 at 7:42 PM


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