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Within the two pages of enhancements we’re working on at the moment, today we changed the sort order default of what we call, “the expert author view”.

This means, your most RECENT articles will show up near the top so that your readers can quickly see your freshest works. Previously, we sorted alphabetically. Example.

Users can still change the sort order to oldest or alphabetical, but the new default will be “freshest articles on top”.

This move is a small attempt to help our readers see your freshest ideas and thinking rather than alphabetical order that does not take into consideration when the metaphorical loaf of article bread expires.

Do you like this new change? Yes or no and why?

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Lance Winslow writes:

I agree that the Default setting should be the “most recent” articles. Good idea. Of course the sort by alphabetical is also cool, so keeping that makes sense too. Good enhancement to the site, smart thinking there.

Comment provided February 13, 2006 at 6:57 PM


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