EzineArticles Exclusive?

A common question we receive is, “I was wondering whether I am allowed to also submit my articles to other article banks or my own website so as to maximise my article exposure, or if doing so would violate your TOS.”

I believe this question is being asked because we require all content submitted to our site to be owned exclusively by the author who is submitting the content. In other words, we don’t accept non-exclusive rights content such as PLR (Private Label Rights) articles.

The answer to the original question:

Yes, you can submit your articles to competitors of our site and you can add your articles to your own website.

We prefer that you submit your original quality articles to us first, but we don’t require that they be sent to us exclusively…which means you are free to send them to other sites or your own website.

We don’t allow or accept non-exclusive rights content or private label articles sent to us as this will lead your account to be suspended, terminated or banned.

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