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[Pre-Launch update…]

On Tuesday at 9am EST USA time, we’re releasing an audio & PDF product called “Article Production Strategies”. It is based on a recent teleseminar that Managing Editor Wally and I did on the topic and then added an additional bonus 50 minute audio recording (including transcripts) of the top 45 questions that were asked by the 400 participants (other authors) on the training call.

(Chris Knight (me) on the mic and mixer board.)

Tonight, I’m updating it with final touches from the insights we’ve learned in the last month. :)

A few of the dozens+ testimonials received and have on file from this product:

Susan said,Your training session (phone and Internet) was great. I really appreciated the organization that went into it and would definitely attend another. Lots of new ideas were presented that I will definitely use.”

Joan said,Thanks for giving me a “boot.” I had one article with for the past couple of months. After listening to your teleseminar I immediately began writing those mini-articles that were in my notes and head. I have submitted 10 articles as of today now for a total of 11 articles.

What did it for me was your comment that “86% never get past the first article or two (that was me). I did not want to be in that category. Thanks for giving me a “boot.””

Robin said,I just wanted to say that the teleconference tonight was EXCELLENT! I was very impressed. I really learned A LOT from you and Wally! I think the part about the article templates was the most useful for me.”

Kathryn said,…Thanks for the great teleseminar on articles! It was chock full of practical and useful info. and tips on how to be prolific yet provide quality writing and original content at the same time. Thanks again!”

More on Tuesday…

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Rev Michael Bresciani

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