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We are here to serve the needs of Ezine Publishers who need supplemental articles that they can run in their email newsletters and the needs of authors who wish to have their articles syndicated by responsible publishers.

With that said, we’ve opened up our editorial guidelines to allow the needs of authors who wish to connect with publishers who might not be Ezine publishers… however, we have drawn a line in the sand today with a new policy:

Max Active Links of (6): Previously we allowed up to (3) self-serving active links (payback for the contribution of the article) and an unlimited number of non-self-serving active links in each article. Today, we will no longer accept more than a total of 6 active links, of which no more than 3 can be self serving.

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Tinu writes:

This is great, Chris, and I applaud your innovation. Sometimes I write to inform and to brand myself, not seeking re-publication or syndication of my article. Other days I write articles about other people’s products, just to help them get a bit of exposure… most of those articles only contain one self-serving link, but have 5 overall. So this new rule is a big help and I can put several hundred of my articles in your site, starting today.

Comment provided February 2, 2006 at 12:26 PM


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