Effective today, our CASM (Content Association Sequence Matching) duplicate content identification system is live.

Previously, we only identified/tagged articles and then had our human editors review each duplicate submission. This was done as phase 1 to identify if we properly had the right amount of duplicate content identification.

It’s not perfect, but it’s just a tap away from 100% accurate…and therefore, phase 2 rolled out today.

Here’s what will happen if you submit duplicate content:

It will be rejected in real-time at the point of submission and you’ll be notified.

The duplicate content database not only compares all of your previous articles, but all of our entire database.

IMPORTANT: We recognize that some authors submit duplicate content by accident. This system is not designed to scold or punish you if you submit duplicate content, but rather to give you another tool to help identify if you’ve submitted the same content in the past.

End goal is to never allow duplicate content in our entire site as this serves no one and is a liability in terms of user trust.

Any questions?

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