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Recently we made a change at the bottom of each article where we normally listed about 30 of the most recent articles from the same category. Now, we list about half that and below the most recent are the most popular articles by category.

Located near the bottom of each article:

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Purpose of

We are here to serve the needs of Ezine Publishers who need supplemental articles that they can run in their email newsletters and the needs of authors who wish to have their articles syndicated by responsible publishers.

With that said, we’ve opened up our editorial guidelines to allow the needs of authors who wish to connect with publishers who might not be Ezine publishers… however, we have drawn a line in the sand today with a new policy:

Max Active Links of (6): Previously we allowed up to (3) self-serving active links (payback for the contribution of the article) and an unlimited number of non-self-serving active links in each article. Today, we will no longer accept more than a total of 6 active links, of which no more than 3 can be self serving.

Blog Comments

Today, I have created a new personal blog rule: No comments will be approved that are negative by nature without the person uncloaking themselves by including their URL in the comments submission.

It’s always ok to disagree with me or anyone who participates in this site or blog, but if you’re going to throw stones — From now on, you’re going to need to do it by including your website URL in the comment so the public knows who you are.

Positive comments that add value will still be accepted without the URL requirement as mentioned above.

Top Articles By Category

It’s New Feature Friday:

Over the past week, we introduced a new feature that displays the most popular articles by page views for that particular category. This rewards those who have done well to get a disproporionate amount of more traffic to their articles.

Here’s how it works: Let’s take this brand new article by Quentin Brown: Create your own Streaming Audio Studio for Under $50.00. Scroll down to the bottom of his article where we list recent EzineArticles from the same category as this article. Immediately below that, you will see the most viewed or most popular articles in the Audio-Streaming category…which at the time of this ezine, it’s this article: MP3 vs. WMA by Bradley James.

I’m not certain we’re going to leave this feature up all year, but for at least another month we will test it to see if it provides value for our users.

Do you see how you can use this information for your niche?
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Product Innovation Discipline

In the 1997 book, “The Discipline of Market Leaders: Choose Your Customers Narrow Your Focus, Dominate Your Market” by Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema… I had come to understand that in business, you are either one of these two types:

1) Operational Excellence -or-
2) Customer Intimacy Based.

You can try to do both, but to be truly successful, you can only be known for one of them.

Late last night as helping a friend study for her MBA, I came to realize that I missed a critical insight from that book: A 3rd option called “Product Innovation”.
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Bullet Points in Articles

From the author support emails today, Peter asks, “How do I get bullet points to show up in my ezine articles? They’re there when I create my article and then disappear when I cut and paste into your form.”

The first fundamental problem is that you are copying from MS Word directly into our article submission interface. This is a mistake unless you’ve already disabled smartquotes. Better to copy/paste from a true text editor (MS Word is not a text editor).

The answer to your question: You need to include UL and LI tags to form bullet points. The cousin to HTML bullet points is a numbered list: OL and LI tags. UL gives BULLETS, OL gives NUMBERED LISTS. Hope this helps.
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Effective today, our CASM (Content Association Sequence Matching) duplicate content identification system is live.

Previously, we only identified/tagged articles and then had our human editors review each duplicate submission. This was done as phase 1 to identify if we properly had the right amount of duplicate content identification.

It’s not perfect, but it’s just a tap away from 100% accurate…and therefore, phase 2 rolled out today.
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Can you DIGG it?

EzineArticles Expert Author Aaron R. Davis has struck an first:

He submitted the summary of one of his EzineArticles to the website. That article got picked up and helped him receive over 11,200+ page views in a short 18 day time span. This is incredible!

The article that started it all:
Linux Is Just Right For Teens

I polled Aaron to find out if someone else did the Digg on his article or if he did it. He claimed that this was 1 of the only 3 articles he’s written online and that he was surprised by the response. I guess you just never know when an article is going to trigger an avalanche of user interest, referrals, reprints, and discussion.

He even got his article picked up by the prestigious LinuxToday website as part of the collateral ROI from this single article.

My Article Feed Spotlight

EzineArticles expert author Lori J. Ferreira is only a BASIC level newbie member with us with 2 articles as of this blog post, BUT…

Check out her website and scroll to the bottom to view her expert and seamless integration of her “MY ARTICLE FEED” into her website:

Nice Job Lori! I’m impressed. :-)
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The market has spoken and told us that BLOGGING and RSS articles should not be included in the same category any more as they are too unrelated from each other enough to each deserve their own category. Today, we agree.

Therefore, the old BLOGGING-RSS category has been separated into separate categories for BLOGGING only and RSS only.

In addition, this also means that those who were subscribed to the BLOGGING-RSS category via RSS will now need to re-subscribe to one or both of the new RSS feeds for the Blogging RSS feed or the RSS RSS feed. *whew*, sounds confusing I bet if you don’t use an RSS reader yet. :) Did I mention that I love RSS?

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