Plagiarism Defined

A quick English lesson for those who email us:

“Plagersim” is not a word.

Plagiarism is the correct way to spell the word you were thinking of.

Other ways you can spell “Plagiarism” includes: plagiarise, plagiarizing, or plagiarization/plagiarisation (the act of doing the evil), plagiarist (one who does the evil), plagiaries (groups that do evil) and plagiaristic (adjective that describes a plagiarist).

We have a ZERO tolerance for plagiarism here at and will aid copyright owners to defend their works. Plagiarism is illegal, not to mention stupid, uncreative, and lame.

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Lance Winslow writes:

I believe your comments and plagiarism plan is a great policy. In fact it just fries the amount which goes on around the Internet.

Comment provided December 20, 2005 at 1:11 PM


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