One Hit Author Wonders

To give our users a better feel for whether or not they are reading an article from an author that is a “one hit author wonder” vs. an author that is blazing a monthly trail, month after month — our programming team came up with this idea:

Listing the:
EzineArticles Member Since:
Last Submission on…

Your thoughts? Where should this info be placed? In the article or expert author view? In the authors extended bio?

Predictions for 2006

Article Writing & Syndication Predictions For 2006
( Slant)

1. Having 1,000s of good looking authors uploading their author photo has finally allowed us to create an “Is This Author Hot or Not?” website.

2. Expert author Lance Winslow cranks out 7,000 articles to set a pace no one can keep up with. Lance see’s his first million page views.

3. Many authors will knock their head on the desk in front of them after they fall asleep from endless reading about whether the duplicate content penalty buzz is real or not.

4. Stone Evan’s Plug In Profit disciples will spend 12,000 minutes submitting 1600 articles and creating 800 accounts that will all be deleted because they didn’t read the editorial guidelines prohibiting affiliate links. Lucky for them, many competitors have lower standards and accept their affiliate links and non-exclusive rights content.

5. Dina Giolitto’s First Annual Web Content Awareness Day on Feb 9th 2006 is a hit as she accidentally discovers that creating a holiday is a great way to attract expert authors to submit quality articles to her site.

6. staff realizes that with broadband wireless connectivity, they can live and manage the behind-the-scenes work from any location on Earth; relocates world headquarters to the island of St. Martin.

7. Someone’s Ghostwriter dies and shows up on the TV show “Ghost Whispers” to reveal 200 volumes of un-published 400 word articles.

8. Another natural disaster strikes and hundreds of authors begin writing furiously to help provide information for the needy… Move over HAM radio operators, expert authors are coming to save the day in the way they know how.

9. Many of the “article vomit” spit swap sites go out of business, choking on their own cesspool of auto-created article crap because they were too un-creative to write their own articles. Mothers of these children reported to be embarrassed.

10. (7) of the “I Love” mugs given to the top couple of hundred Platinum authors show up on eBay as authors rush to cash in on the limited edition mugs.

Trends, Future or Past

Here’s an article template that you can use this week:

List this Past Years Trends from your Niche


Make Predictions About What Your Niche Will Experience in 2006

Why This Article Template Works: Leverage your specific niche industry expertise to define yourself as the expert who judges what was hot, what was not, and what will be hot next year. Give it a shot and we’ll be looking forward to reading your future trend predictions or past trends observed articles.

As a side bonus, you may even find this type of article picked up and commented on by other thought leaders in their blogs. Every industry needs someone to outline what was great or what sucked this year and what to look forward to next year. For your niche, let that seer be you.

Submit 9, Delete 1, Lose 1

At least a handful of times per week, a new author will ask:

“I submitted my first 7 or 8 or 9 articles, I deleted a few or I had a few rejected because they didn’t meet the guidelines… Can I send in the remaining 1, 2 or 3 articles as part of my first 10?”

The answer: No. It doesn’t matter if the author deleted an article or if we removed an article because as soon as their account has zero submissions remaining — It pops up in front of our managing editors screen to review the account for Platinum upgrade status or not.

So, if you’re one of these new authors with us, give us a day or two and your account will be reviewed for Platinum unlimited status.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas or Happy Dec 25th, whichever you prefer.

(Fluffy got his cat nip for Christmas)

Me? I got a Sirius S50 personal satellite radio to take my Sirius “The Beat” music into the gym. What did you get? Were you naughty or nice this year?
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December Zeitgeist

Want to see which terms are most popular this month?

Here are two clear trends:

peter jackson weight loss
peter jackson weight
peter jackson diet
peter jackson lost weight
peter jackson loses weight

christmas brunch
christmas brunch ideas
christmas cookie decorating
inexpensive christmas gifts
christmas cookie frosting
christmas tree toppers
sugar cookie recipe
peppermint bark
classic christmas movies
christmas gifts for mom
top 10 christmas gifts
romantic christmas ideas

While I have no idea who Peter Jackson is, I’m sure there are plenty of holiday cheer around the belly that will have many souls looking for ways to get slim again in a week or so. :)

FireFox Browser Advances

In March of this year, FireFox browsers represented 7.1% of all visitors to our site.

Today, that number is 12.1%, a 5% increase.

Browsers that visit this month:

MS Internet Explorer: 75.9%
FireFox: 12.1%
Safari: 2.6%
Netscape: 1.1%
Opera: .7%

Of the 75.9% that is MSIE, 72.7% of them are from MSIE 6.0 and 1.2% of them are from MSIE 5.5.

Of the 12.1% that are from FireFox, 4.9% are from FireFox v1.0.7 and 2.8% are from FireFox v1.5. Folks, you really need to move to FireFox v1.5 as it rocks!

Honorable mention goes to the “Konqueror” and “Camino” speciality browsers as each were used by approximately 8000 people this month when surfing our site.

Michael Cooper – Author Spotlight

Today’s author spotlight is EzineArticles expert Doctor Michael Cooper.

Dr. Cooper has a Ph.D. in Computer Information Systems and a Master’s Degree in Data Communications. He also has lived in Thailand, Belgium, Germany (ok, I’m envious on this one).

The real reason Michael gets today’s author spotlight is for his very smart implementation of our Authors Javascript (My Article Feed) in his website. Go check it out at and scroll towards the bottom. You’ll see his recent articles listed as they are fed live from our site. Nice job Dr. Cooper! :)
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Secret Editors Codes

Every article is processed by one of our editors and in the emails that you receive as an author, you will find a quality control identification as to which editor processed the item.

Here are the current codes:

  1. is Me
  2. is Systems Admin #1
  3. is Tammy
  4. is Managing Editor Wally
  5. is Suzi
  6. is Penny
  7. is Programmer #1
  8. is Cindy
  9. is Mary
  10. is Tracy

Note: Wally is no longer the only person managing author support, so assume that addressing Wally or “Dear Sir” may be handled by a “Dear Mam”. :)

Newton’s Law

Sir Isaac Newton was a scientist from the 1600s and he is most well known for his three laws of motion…of which I’d like to share how his first law of motion applies to article writing:

Newton’s First Law of Motion:
Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.

Applied to Article Writing:
Every author who is in a state of writing & submitting articles is doing so until they are no longer doing so. Authors who are not writing and submitting articles are not doing so until some external force or motivator is applied. All authors in motion are rewarded because life rewards action.

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