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As you may or may not have noticed, we’ve recently added to our Editorial Staff and will actually be bringing on another person early next week. Growth is great but sometimes it does bring growing pains. One of these growing pains is that while our newer editors are getting the feel for reviewing and approving articles, they may in error place an article in Problem Status when realistically it shouldn’t have been.

So my request to all of you is that if you receive an email saying you have an article in Problem Status and you question that decision, please email us so we can take another look at it. I would appreciate it as it presents a learning experience for our new editors if there was an error and you may appreciate it too as your article may get approved.

Thanks in advance! :-)

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Will do, Wally. Personally, I know your staff works extra diligently to review, process, and approve every article that comes your way. Your team is efficient, resourceful, and a pleasure to work with. Best wishes with new editors!

Now a word to my fellow authors: In the few times my articles have been rejected, I send back to EzineArticles an explanation detailing why the article should be approved “as is”. In most of my cases my articles are rejected because content can appear to be more of a marketing or PR piece than an article.

Instead of battling with the reviewers, I offer a short, concise explanation which usually suffices. In addition, I will sometimes massage verbiage to adjust questionable content.

I like the rhythm of EzineArticles the best: I write; they review, approve, create RSS feeds, upload everything to the internet, etc. and we all benefit from the resultant flow of high quality articles on the internet.

It just doesn’t get any better than this!

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