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If you’re up tonight, at 10pm CST USA time, I’ll be on the David Lawrence Show (pop culture meets technology). He does stream the show for a fee and you can subscribe to his podcast. David’s show is picked up by XM, Sirius Satellite Radio and terrestrial radio stations…

I’ll be talking about Ezine Publishing insights, etc. and it’ll be less about ezine article writing & marketing and more about email newsletter technology trends. :-)

Updated 11pm CST: Here’s what I covered on the show:

*) David brought up Debra Lafave, the 23 year old female teacher who had *ex with a 14 year old student in front of his 15 year old cousin who allegedly reported the *ex crime. While I agree that there is a double standard at play here (if the gender rolls were reversed, what would have happened?), it’s just black and white wrong for Lafave to abuse the trust of her position to get power over a young boy. If that was my 14 year old boy, I’d still be upset with Lafave for screwing with my kid, even if it was true love or whatever silly excuse she’d mutter. Lafave got off easy and is probably laughing about it today. :(

* Go Daddy is a sponsor of David’s show and while we didn’t talk about Go Daddy throughout the hour interview, my mind wandered a few times about Candice Michelle.

Email Deliverability was the reason I was on the show:

* One way to improve email deliverability is to watch your reports and don’t publish email newsletters blindly. You must get to know your reports, hard vs. soft bounces, open rate, delivery rates, etc.

* If your Email Service Provider (ESP) doesn’t have an in-house email deliverability monitoring team, find a new ESP immediately.

* Use Spamassassign content checkers to track the score of the words you use in your ezine or email marketing messages to better select words that have a lower chance of tripping the spam filters.

* Send EARLIER in the morning for best deliverabilty. Spam filters tighten up later in the day due to spam loads that climb as the day wanes.

* Subscribe to my free “Christopher Knight’s Ezine-Tips” newsletter for weekly tips and strategies:

* David asked me how I combat the “EMAIL IS DEAD, RSS IS THE WAY” crowd? I stated the evidence is clear that bloggers prefer to add an email notification option because they reach a larger audience via email than with their XML feed alone. Email was never dead. RSS is the way, but not the replacement for email.

How did I get this very cool interview by the popular David Lawrence?

Answer: If you guessed that my email newsletter had something to do with it, you’re right!


Lance Winslow writes:

Good Job Chris Knight; “Sparky” that was an excellent Interview on the Famous David Lawrence Radio Show, syndicated around the Globe. is a World Wide Endeavor and it is great to see you being interviewed by such a famous Radio Jock. WOW!!!

What some people do not understand is that the Future of the Internet belongs to those who have and control content, which means authors at are King and that Kingdom is protected by the Famous Knight; “Sparky” is a place where everyone wins, those who need the content, create it and distribute it to the information craving, Internet Surfing and Online Buying Masses. Strength and Honor to the Kingdom and our Future. It is time to give Thanks to “Sparky” or Christopher Knight, as the World knows him. Think on that.

Comment provided November 22, 2005 at 10:49 PM


rui writes:

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