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Unlike a major search engine that has its dance every so-often and always un-announced until everyone starts announcing it… we’re going to have a dance next Monday, Nov 28th.

If you send in original content that you personally wrote and you’ve never slipped in any duplicate content or duplicate paragraphs in your articles, you have nothing to worry about.

Our programming team have come up with some very innovative content evaluation tools that has identified hundreds of articles that are substantially duplicative. Not only can we identify duplicate content, but we can do it in real-time on the fly as they are being sent in so that we can auto-tag-evaluate and discard truly duplicative content.

I’m very impressed with what our programmers have developed because the algo’s are smart enough to detect varying degrees of content duplication.

On Monday the 28th, we’re going to wipe off the top every article that is a pure duplicate. We’ve already wiped all articles that had duplicate titles that were duplicate content, but in this dance, we’re going to wipe all duplicate content regardless as to the title of the article.

After those are purged, we’re going to lower the threshold a bit and evaluate authors who repeat paragraphs in multiple articles. Some will have their articles tossed and others will have their membership downgraded or tossed.

If you’ve done nothing that could be considered as “gaming the article site”, then you’ve got nothing to worry about and you’ll sail right through this dance.

Why is this dance required?

1) It’s a user trust violation to serve up duplicate content. We want our users to love and trust the content we display and duplicate content violates trust.

2) We want the search engines to trust us to only feed them original and non-duplicative works. The more they trust us, we hope the more traffic they will send to us.

3) We don’t like to be ‘gamed’ and this process will help us identify friends from foes.


Dina writes:

Chris: first of all, this “dance” of yours sounds nothing like, say, the spontaneous dance I do when I learn something cool or the net, or when someone unexpectedly offers me something good to eat.

Second, I’ve been reading up on Google SE changeups here and there, and to say that you’re smart to enforce this is an understatement.

Thank you for protecing your site which in turn protects us as content contributors.

Doing the SE Dance with you,


Comment provided November 22, 2005 at 9:33 AM


Duane Shinn writes:

Excellent! ‘Way to go Chris!

Comment provided November 22, 2005 at 11:20 AM



Hi Chris

I responded to your mention of this post on a forum a few minutes ago. I am insanely happy you are taking a tough stance on this.

I promote article marketing extensively, and services such as Article Marketer (yes despite the odd hiccup ;) ).

I also promote the use of private label article content, I believe many of the packages offer exceptionally good value.


I have attacked any program that gave a hint that they allow or even encourage the use of private label articles for article marketing purposes.


You might be missing out on something.

Why not have a private label category, that you fill up with content yourself. At the bottom of each private label article, you can have your own details, or the details of the private label program from which it was sourced (your affiliate link).

Lots of private label content is actually very high quality, and might be what some of your visitors are looking for.

It would be silly to leave a potential revenue source unexploited. I would be happy to compile a list of suitable programs to save you some time.

Take care


Comment provided November 22, 2005 at 4:58 PM


Garrett French writes:

Good call Chris – this will make EzineArticles an even more valuable marketing resource..

It’s great to see you continuing to innovate and drive EzineArticles forward.

Comment provided November 23, 2005 at 8:07 AM


Kira Enari writes:

Phew! After spending time today chasing down uncredited re-publishing of my paltry few articles (posting comments with credits to EzineArticles.com and my personal site), it’s nice to see this quality control measure on the original source publishing end.

Many thanks to Chris and the whole EzineArticles team!

Comment provided November 26, 2005 at 7:45 PM


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