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EzineArticles expert “Dave” asks, “Is it appropriate to have any form of call to action in the resource box for my articles?”

Answer: YES!

Your resource box is your lead generation invitation for the reader to do business with you, to learn more about you, to get something for free (such as an ezine subscription, a 7 part e-course, a free special report, etc). Read This Article on how to create the “Perfect Resource Box”

In summary, you are asking them to buy something from you, but in article marketing, it should not be the actual product that you sell.

I’ve only seen in rare cases where an article does a direct product pitch and people actually buy the product or service.

Remember: Article writing and marketing is about qualified LEAD GENERATION.

Your job is to sell them on the benefits of visiting your site, joining your email newsletter or multi-part e-course series, etc.

Ask yourself this question: What compelling invitation can I articulate in my resource box that gets the reader to visit my website?

If any other experts would like to chime in and add a comment to this blog entry, I’d be curious as to what kinds of resource box “calls to action” have worked for you? Which calls to action do you avoid at all costs?

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Edward Weiss writes:

I teach an online piano course so in my resource box I ask readers to click on the link for a free piano lesson.

This has worked very well for me because of the synergy between informative article (which hopefully creates desire too) and freebie which drives traffic to my site.

Comment provided November 7, 2005 at 11:50 AM


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