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On last nights teleseminar, I challenged 412 authors to think in terms of “Article Sets” — in order to get a higher ROI from their time when writing.

There are two easy way to begin writing in sets of 2, 3, 4, 5, or more articles at a time:

1) Do sets of articles by topic or sets by sub-topics.

2) If you’re one of those authors that is fighting with yourself to produce a 400-500 word article to save your 800-1000+ word comfort norm, then you can create accidental article sets by just cutting your articles in half and giving each a unique title. Instant set of articles.

It is always more efficient to write in article sets of 2 or more than it ever is to write one at a time. :-) Give it a shot and let me know how this strategy works for you.


Tonight’s free teleseminar had over 400+ VIP guests and we were buzzing along for the first 45 minutes when I realized, … I have 35+ questions to answer in the next 15 minutes from all of the questions that our guests sent in today.

How foolish of me to think I could even attempt to answer ALL of them in 15 minutes. It was important to me to leave everyone on the call with a *high* feeling that they can double their article inventory, it is possible, others have done it and they can too… but it feels like the last 8 minutes of call including the 5 that I went into overtime felt rushed. I apologize.

To make up for it, later this week, I’ll publish the cheat sheet with ANSWERS in it. :) Night, -Chris

Article Production Teleseminar

This blog entry is reserved for the “Article Production” teleseminar & blog simulcast tonight at 6:45pm CST to 8pm CST USA Time.

If you’d like to ask a question about article writing, content sources or article syndication, please do so by adding a comment to this blog entry. Thanks!

The cheatsheet for tonight’s teleseminar can be found here:

3 Article Search Options

As much as we liked the current internal search engine we built, it doesn’t have the full feature-set yet. Until it does, we put the Google Search box back on the top, but will still give you 3 ways to search

  1. Google Search: (top of the page)
    Lets you search in terms of what Google has indexed so far. Search results are fast, but often 6-72 hours delayed from displaying new results. This is a perfect search option for CONSUMERS, but perhaps not for authors or publishers.
  2. Direct Database Query: (lower left navigation) or here:
    Perfect for searching by TITLE only or by AUTHOR NAME only or by any major field ONLY. This is my 2nd favorite way to search and the search results include the entire live database in real-time.
  3. Power Search:
    Our finest internal search engine that displays results by relevancy and has an advanced search option. This index is done twice a week, so today’s articles may take up to 3-4 days before inclusion in this index. Much more comprehensive results display than the direct database query option. This is the search engine our design team is currently working with as a base for future search results projects including the most popular keywords by category.

Article Production Strategies

If you’re interested in uncovering insider article writing production strategies and how to get more out of article syndication as a marketing strategy, then I invite you to check out my Tuesday *FREE* Teleseminar:

Insider Article Writing Production Secrets

Actually, we had one more pre-paid bridge rental and I wanted to consume it before the end of the year and thought it would be a neat ‘give back’ topic that we could cover together Tuesday night. Yes, there will be a free audio replay after the event and yes, there will be a blog simulcast, but no, there will not be anything for sale as this is a ‘no pitch’ event.

Knight on David Lawrence Radio

If you’re up tonight, at 10pm CST USA time, I’ll be on the David Lawrence Show (pop culture meets technology). He does stream the show for a fee and you can subscribe to his podcast. David’s show is picked up by XM, Sirius Satellite Radio and terrestrial radio stations…

I’ll be talking about Ezine Publishing insights, etc. and it’ll be less about ezine article writing & marketing and more about email newsletter technology trends. :-)

Updated 11pm CST: Here’s what I covered on the show:
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Finally! A Cool Competitor

After witnessing one generic article directory competitor after another, day in and day out, week in and week out, finally a new article directory that deserves a nod and a stand up cheer for doing something unique and deeply niche oriented:

Have a look:

Now, if we could only encourage our article directory competitors to uncloak and stop hiding who runs the sites. In this case, a whois lookup indicates that Ralph Serpe owns

EzineArticles Dance

Unlike a major search engine that has its dance every so-often and always un-announced until everyone starts announcing it… we’re going to have a dance next Monday, Nov 28th.

If you send in original content that you personally wrote and you’ve never slipped in any duplicate content or duplicate paragraphs in your articles, you have nothing to worry about.

Our programming team have come up with some very innovative content evaluation tools that has identified hundreds of articles that are substantially duplicative. Not only can we identify duplicate content, but we can do it in real-time on the fly as they are being sent in so that we can auto-tag-evaluate and discard truly duplicative content.
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Tectonic Article Source Shift

After 1 year, 3 months and about 2 weeks — we’ve changed the ARTICLE SOURCE attribution at the bottom of each article.

The old way was:

Article Source:

The new way is:

Article Source:

Here’s why the change or shift in our template:
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Article ID 100,000

It’s a psychological milestone… but in the last 12 hours, EzineArticles expert author Sandy Baker is the winner of article ID: 100,000 with her article Taking Marketing To The Extreme — Nice job Sandy!

How come we’re at article ID’s that are now over 100,000+ even though we are only showing 89,350 articles listed as of this post? That’s because we’ve rejected the difference since starting with article ID#1 back on August 4th, 2004.

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