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A few authors have asked why we are only making the author XML feeds available via javascript instead of a plain XML file that can be scraped by CaRP or other RSS feed scraping utilities.

Answer: For 2 main reasons:

1) Javascript doesn’t require any of our authors to do any processing of the XML file. It’s a simple copy and paste of the javascript code from your MY ARTICLE FEED to your website. Nothing further to do. Simplicity.

2) Javascript feeds are usually not searchable by the search engines which is good for you and bad for us, but anything good for you is usually also good for us…long-term. That means that a search engine bot that visits your site most likely will not crawl your article feeds and this allows your website to not have to compete with our website.

Yes, there will be a day, perhaps even this year yet, when we offer author RSS feeds via plain XML so that you can use them in a way that you currently can’t today with our javascript only feed of your individual articles that are listed with us. It’s not that we don’t have the capability, but rather we are rolling XML feeds out in a planned release strategy to help ease everyone into the power of RSS without becoming massively confused by all of the choices.

Any questions?


Troy Netreba writes:

Can you please advise if this has been done, so author feeds can be XML?

Comment provided November 8, 2011 at 12:57 AM


Troy –

I have contacted you via email with the method for accomplishing this.

– Marc


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