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It’s very rare when I stumble across another blog that is anything like what the EzineArticles.com blog discusses…

…Along comes EzineArticles Author, Mike Valentine with his new blog that he started in July:

Web Content Publishing Resources From Publish101
(It’s worth a trip)

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Mike Valentine writes:

Chris, Thank you for the comment (It’s worth a trip).

As an SEO, I often need great content to add to client web sites and EzineArticles.com delivers. I’m sure you hear a lot from writers but less from those who USE the widely varied content here.

I do both contributing of my own articles and use of others’ articles for client content sites elsewhere. It’s great to have a source for excellent and interesting articles on a range of topics (my own content site is purely business related).

I’m working on an SEO project now that requires very specific Fashion content. I was startled to see over 100 choices returned on a search. Thanks to you for the resource and the contributors who make their articles available here for such great content options!

Mike Banks Valentine

Comment provided October 4, 2005 at 11:38 PM


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