RSS Savvy Publishers

If you consider yourself a savvy RSS-aware publisher, then we have something you may find content-delicious: Request a Commercial RSS Feed Rights Grant

If you qualify, you’ll be able to include any of our 182 RSS feeds into your themed website and the new article feed will update daily giving you fresh content to add value to your readers while allowing our authors to reach another level of syndication without further effort.

We are really looking for ways to keep our RSS feeds only on websites that are related to the content. We do not wish to see all of our RSS feeds on any one website, but rather an ideal scenario is like this:

You have a Fitness Equipment speciality website, info site or e-commerce site. You include our Fitness-Equipment RSS feed into your website to provide your users with freshly updated content daily. Even though you are giving us an outbound link under each article title and summary, you are still providing great value for your readership and fresh content to keep the dust off your pages.

Before you ask, but how do you put an RSS feed into a website? The answer is: Look it up or use your own CMS (Content Management System) to handle this function for you. :-)

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