Jeff Herring, The Article Guy Teleclinic

*Free 60-Minute One-Time Teleclinic*

Learn How To Write & Leverage Your Articles

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, October 25th at 7-8pm CST for a FREE 60 minute teleclinic. I’ll be interviewing expert author Jeff Herring (aka, The Article Guy) and the focus of the call will be aimed at helping newbies and intermediate level authors get their start off the ground and hit the Article Marketing strategy running.

Aimed at the newbie to intermediate article writer that needs help getting started or is trying to figure out how to use article marketing as a strategy more effectively.

I’ll be asking Jeff questions about how to take your prospect from READER to CUSTOMER/SUBSCRIBER via articles, his 5-step process that he uses himself (he is our #2 author right now by article volume), and other article writing hurdles that Jeff will teach everyone on the call how to overcome.

Go here to sign up today: (hurry, limited participation allowed)

Yes, we will have a short 10-12 minute Q&A session near the end of the call. :)

Who’s the girl in the photo? I have no idea, but the look on her face is exactly the look on many of the faces of new entprepreneurs who are struggling to write articles in a significant volume and quality to have a positive impact for their business. Our goal on this call is to help you navigate the article writing and marketing process with an emphasis on getting into article writing action immediately. :) Hope you can join us for Tuesday’s teleclinic.

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