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Dear Authors who market with articles:

Don’t give our niche (Article Marketing) a bad name by sending your articles to websites, publishers and ezine publishers who do NOT want them.

Sounds simple enough, but many newbie article marketers become over-zealous and start shooting their articles out to ezine publishers and webmasters who not only don’t want your articles, but will report you to your ISP for spamming…which is what you’re doing.

Bottom line: Only submit your articles to webmasters and ezine publishers who make it clear that they want your article submissions.

ok? :)


Dina writes:

Oh, boy. That’s bad news. The best way to find out if a site is looking for article content is to do a search on the words “submit article.” This search can be done in Google using a specific topic, i.e. Golf Submit Article or it can be done in a SEARCH BOX on any individual site where you’re having trouble figuring out if they want articles or don’t want them.

Once you locate the area where the site discusses article policy, you will discover whether they prefer you to email the article to a specific address, enter the article in a submission box, or upload a word processing document of your article to their server. Some require you to “apply” for authorship approval before submitting any articles. If you really want to make solid biz connections on the net, make a favorable impression and ensure your own visibility, it’s a good idea to respect the wishes of each site owner and abide by their rules. How would you like it if it were your site and you were being article-spammed to death?

More thoughts on “article spam”:

Conversely, as an author I don’t really want to be spammed by small article outfits asking me to “click the link” and give permission to use my article. I’m sure many of you receive these emails by the dozen and they’re quite annoying and cluttersome.

If I didn’t want people to pick up my articles I wouldn’t have put them into syndication. While an email from a real live human complimenting an author on their work is nice, I don’t think anyone cares for intrustive automated spam from pay per click article scammers.

That’s my rant!


Comment provided October 5, 2005 at 8:07 AM


Sheryl writes:

I use alot of Articles that someone else has written for my web site. They are very informational and just for the reading pleasure of my customers. I dont know what I would do as far as good content pertaining to my site if I couldnt find good reprint articles…I wish to one day write my own articles.

Comment provided October 6, 2005 at 8:55 AM


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