Gada.Be Delivers EzineArticles

I’ve been waiting for him to bring the service out of alpha so that I could tell you about it. Chris Pirillo’s new service (beta) carries EzineArticles in the keyword feed results. When I was in Seattle a week and a half ago, Pirillo invited us to be in his keyword search results.

Example: Check out the feed results for the search term: “Welding” — Scroll down the page and you’ll find a listing of EzineArticles that meet that search criteria.

Essentially any keyword or keyphrase that gets searched in his new meta-search engine will spit out results from in real-time via a direct database query done via XML. We compete with 140 other data providers and he hasn’t shared his alog yet as to which feed gets selected for which results… but any inclusion is a plus for our 12k+ authors.

This is just another way we are working to bring more traffic to your articles. :-)
Ok, stop reading and go to to check it out for yourself. It may be slow as his servers are getting slammed. Looks like we have weight on his “Research” selection…which is perfect.

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