Christopher Knight LinkedIn Invitation

I’m inviting all of my friends to add me to your LinkedIn social networking account…allowing you to also gain access to my network of business friends.

I’ll be approving incoming LinkedIn requests for only 24 hours, so log in to your LinkedIn account, then go here, enter “Christopher” “Knight” and my
private email address: chris *at*

Once I receive your request from LinkedIn, I’ll review and approve ’em.

Here’s What To Do Next:

  1. Go here: and login or create a new LinkedIn account.
  2. Invite me to join your network
  3. Enter: “Christopher” “Knight” and my private email address: chris “AT” and then click on “SEND INVITATIONS.”
  4. I’ll review your request from LinkedIn, and approve ’em.

That’s it. If you are wondering what the heck “LinkedIn” is? It’s a social networking platform designed to help folks connect online.

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Robin writes:

Hi Christopher,

Just got around to reading email from you on the “” site.

Signed up a bit late, but looks like a great way to do some networking. Am getting into the details now.

If there’s a chance to join your network in the future, I’ll take it!

Robin Hall

Comment provided October 31, 2005 at 6:26 PM


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