Article Ethics

If it isn’t clear to those that publish articles from our site, this behavior is unethical:

Adding active links to strategic keywords within the articles you reprint so that you have falsely and fraudulently made it appear that the author of the article endorses that active links within their articles.

This is against our Terms of Service as the articles must be unaltered. It’s also illegal based on copyright law 101, especially if the author of the article paid their $30 to register the article with the copyright office.

The only exception with this unethical behavior would be what VibrantMedia or other 3rd party contextual keyword advertisers do as their active links are clearly deliniated as advertisements.

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EminemsRevenge writes:

Plagarism is one of the pratfalls of the internet…alas, it’s the price WE have to pay if we want to CONTINUE to excercise our right to free speech.

Comment provided October 5, 2005 at 3:34 PM


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