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A few select authors have figured out how to get us to approve their over-optimized article because it meets our editorial guidelines of having only 3 self-serving active links.

The pattern: They will select 3 words they are gunning for in the body of their article and will link them up to their domain. The resource box is blank.

This play is so obvious and an abuse that we’re not going to approve articles like that any more. Handfuls of authors had their accounts frozen this morning. This is a lesson on what not to do. The folks who did the abuse had to know it was wrong. I’m disapointed I have to even talk about this issue.

A Distinction on Anchored Text Link Use:

When is it valid vs. When is it Abuse?

Answer: If your article has 3 strategic keywords all anchored up to your website home page, this is obvious abuse.

We would consider it NOT ABUSE if you did two things:

1) Each anchored text link went to a specific URL that adds value to the link rather than just trying to get SEO love and

2) You put your anchored links in the resource box, not the top or above the fold of the article.

Make sense?

For an example of #1 above, go look at my next blog post today as I used 2 anchored text links to add value to the post. Did I get SEO love from them, probably, but the text links weren’t done for SEO love, but rather to add value to the post. This is the distinction that I want everyone to see so that any use of anchored text links in your next article submissions ADD VALUE. :)


jeff herring writes:

“A few select authors have ‘figured out’ how to get us to approve their over-optimized article…”

No matter how it is worded, cheating is cheating and this is cheating. Besides being dishonest, it is so dumb, because following the guidelines works very well the way you have it set up.

My 2 – 3 cents worth…

Comment provided October 11, 2005 at 6:45 AM


Jennie Armato writes:

Thanks for being so ‘on the ball’ Chris and keeping your service valuable for all of us – especially our audience.

I’ve only recently started using your service and I’m totally impressed with your entire set up. Bring on the affiliate program!

Thanks again – we all benefit greatly from what you’ve created here and how you’re protecting its value.

Best wishes

Comment provided October 12, 2005 at 5:03 PM


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