AMM on Ryze is History expert author Dina Giolitto was the host of the 5-month old “Article Marketing Mania” AMM group on Ryze. She recently folded the 180+ person group and created a 139-page free “best hits” version of the community posts, many with yours truly included among many other article authors. [Updated March 9th, 2006, Dina tossed this freebie]

Wordfeeder leader Dina describes it as, “Over 100 pages of Sheer Article Marketing Genius…contributed by our group of Wacky and Lovable Marketers on” I’d say this is a hellofa way to exit…creating a 139 page special report. Anway, some good stuff in the report to those new to article writing & marketing.

Jeff Mills Podcast Interview

EzineArticles expert author Jeff Mills interviews Chris Knight (me) for his Podcast this week. Go here and click on Podcast #6 to take a listen. 36 minutes.
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Lance’s Article Template Experiment

Recently Lance Winslow wrote about 50 articles in a series that began in this format “Read This Article If You ……..” He then reflected on the traffic that all of these articles attracted before the search engines picked up and indexed them. What Do Ezine Article Writers Really Want”

I do agree with this conclusion that Lance extrapolated: “This shows us that the reason the articles on the site are so good, is they are written by winners.” :-)

Home Page Redesign Options Users: We’ve been contemplating our home page design…a design that has served us well till about now.

Which of the following options would you favor:

1) Minimalist design: Blank home page with a search box only, would still have an index to the directory, but the home page would be bare with only a main search box to begin.

2) Top level categories only with a 2nd level of sub-categories available via one click. Option #2 would allow for a greater quantity of sub-categories to be added to the site.

3) As it is now, even with a few dozen more sub-categories listed. Users are already scrolling to see all of the sub-categories, so what’s the big deal?

Which do you like and why?

Christopher Knight LinkedIn Invitation

I’m inviting all of my friends to add me to your LinkedIn social networking account…allowing you to also gain access to my network of business friends.

I’ll be approving incoming LinkedIn requests for only 24 hours, so log in to your LinkedIn account, then go here, enter “Christopher” “Knight” and my
private email address: chris *at*

Once I receive your request from LinkedIn, I’ll review and approve ’em.
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Your Article Author Goals?

Reply to this blog post with what your specific and measurable article author short-term goals are…say between now and January 1st, 2006.

What are your specific and numeric article author goals?

ie: How many articles will you be writing this month, next month, the rest of this quarter, etc?

Tell us your goals by adding a comment to this thread.
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Member Area Getting Facelift

Attn: Registered EzineArticles Authors: We’re giving the members only area a facelift this week…
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Jeff Herring Teleclinic Simulcast

Got a question for the Article Guy, Jeff Herring, or your guest host, Christopher Knight of for today’s Article Writing and Marketing Teleclinic?

Questions or comments can be on any article writing, marketing or syndication topic.

Fill out your name, email address below (will not be public), your optional URL, and your comments. I’ll be reviewing comments submitted every few minutes during the hour teleclinic tonight and will approve any that aren’t spam

Link for the Article Marketing Cheat Sheet:

Express Start Training 6 Hours for $197 with Jeff:

Jeff’s 20 Article Templates:
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Del Icio Us …is!

Want to see the power of a tagonomy at work?

Go to this select page.

And check out how 283 people tagged this article:
16 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

I’m not sure if EzineArticles expert author Denise Wakeman started this traffic fire, but it sure is cool. :)

October EzineArticles Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist is a German term meaning “spirit of the time” and it refers to the moral and/or intellectual trends of a given era or time period.

We’re working on creating our own Zeitgeist time capsule so that you can see what folks were interested in during various time frames of our existence together.

For October 2005 Month To Date, here is the EzineArticles Zeitgeist:

hurricane wilma
hurricane stan
hurricane alpha
halloween contacts
ingrown hair
hurricane vince
ingrown hairs
flipping houses
best halloween costumes
creative halloween costumes
halloween contact lenses

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