Syndicated Columnist

Ever dream of being a “Syndicated Columnist”?

If we have accepted your articles, you can now wear that hat too…especially if you submit new quality and original articles on a regular basis.

I know this is a subtle distinction, but technically any of our expert authors are also “syndicated columnists” of As our strength and Internet popularity increases, the value of being a syndicated columnist increases in brand strength.

Most syndicated columnists in a traditional paper magazine or newspaper have a specific column that customers or readers of the print publication look forward to on a frequent basis.

I admit that being an Syndicated Columnists does not carry the same prestige as being a syndicated columnists for the NY Times, Wall Street Journal or any major publication…

BUT, due to the fact that our readers can syndicate articles by category and you can syndicate your own articles to your own websites now via the member only RSS feed by author… it is legitimate to say you are also a “Syndicated Columnist” of our site if we have accepted your articles.

Most of the definitions I found tonight researching the technical meaning behind being “Syndicated” were related to the print publication world. We live in the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) world (when it comes to syndication) and it has a different set of rules, social norms and meanings for being ‘syndicated’ than the print world.

You could also say that the very definition of “Article Marketing” means to be able to “Syndicate” your article across various ezines and websites.

Anyone disagree with my points here?

Or is “Syndicated Author” a better title due to the fact that we don’t have specific “COLUMNS” in the Article Marketing business model?


R.G. Srinivasan writes:

I prefer the Syndicated Author title. Seems more respectable than a columnist.

Comment provided September 8, 2005 at 12:39 PM


Joan Stewart writes:

You can call yourself anything you want. But when talking to a journalist, do not refer to yourself as a “syndicated columnist” if all you do is submit articles to and other websites.

In the world of the media, “syndicated columnist” means that your columns are “syndicated” by companies such as New York Times News Service, Universal Press Syndicate, etc. That means they contract with you to sell your column to newspapers and magazines throughout the world.

It’s an important distinction.

Comment provided October 11, 2005 at 11:30 AM


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