Michelle Dunn’s Press Release

Michelle Dunn

First, check out what Michelle did:
Author Michelle Dunn deemed “expert author”.

She was promoting one of her best articles:
10 Steps for Business Owners to Take if They Are a Victim of Identity Theft“.

While she is not the first EzineArticles expert author to feature her EzineArticles expertise via a press release, it did help earn her a blog posting for the ‘Author Spotlight’ of today. :)

I liked the creativity in her business name “Never Dunn Publishing LLC”. Michelle has over 17 years experience in Credit and Debt collection…making her an ideal EzineArticles.com expert author who writes from experience.

Over the years, I’ve worked with half a dozen different collections agencies to help us collect money from deadbeat clients. Statistically speaking, there is always that 1% that just wants a free ride without paying or they prioritize other vendors to get paid first before their cash flow faucet ends. I thought this article of Michelle’s was excellent too: 5 Steps You Can Take to Get Paid!

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Michelle Dunn writes:

Thanks Christopher,

I recommend your site to everyone for posting articles. I think it is right on and always has so many helpful articles on every subject imaginable! Keep up the great work!

Michelle Dunn

Comment provided November 14, 2005 at 8:29 AM


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