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Market Yourself With Articles Now
Market Yourself With Articles by Cathy Stucker

Cathy Stucker, the Idea Lady, interviewed me in a teleseminar and produced this excellent audio CD and companion e-Guide on how to market yourself with articles. This is my first physical product of many to follow in the Article Marketing niche that is also a passion of mine.

I cover key topics such as how to choose great topics for your articles, what makes a powerful article title, word length, resource box secrets, what you should not do with your articles (mistakes to avoid), promoting yourself on multiple topics and more article marketing strategies.

Cathy’s companion e-Guide gives you live links to more than 50 article banks and distribution services you can use to find a large audience for your articles and more. You can acquire just the audio CD or just the companion e-Guide or both, your choice. :]

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Edward Weiss writes:

Not only a great E-book idea but also perfect for retail sales. There’s definetely a market for this kind of information. I know that whenever I visit a Borders or Barnes & Noble, they have zilch when it comes to how to market on the internet.

Any chances of publishing something for the masses?

Comment provided September 25, 2005 at 11:49 AM


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