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Jeff Herring

Jeff Herring has been a loyal friend of EzineArticles for quite some time. In fact, I learned about the power of his personal recommendation earlier this year when he helped Cathy Stucker and I promote the “Market With Articles” teleseminar.

Jeff got started with us in late April of this year and he sent in 179 articles since then. He not only ‘gets it’, but he ‘drives it’ too!

He’s got quite a bit going on, mostly centered around being a marriage and family therapist, relationship coach, speaker and nationally syndicated relationship columnist.

I like how Jeff puts a lot of “universal laws” into his articles as it not only gives him more credibility, but they had strength or conviction to his articles.

This was one of my favorite articles of his:
Universal Laws for Couples

Jeff sent me this email today and gave permission for it to be reprinted here:

Date: Fri, September 02, 2005 5:25 pm
Hi Chris-
Thought you might like these stats:
comparing august 2005 to july 2005 there was a 69% increase in new subscribers

comparing august 2005 to august 2004 there was a 89% increase in new

due PRIMARILY to my articles in

Thank You Sir!

Now that’s what I like to hear! Nice job Jeff. Way to grab a hold of the article marketing medium and make it work for you. :-)

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