Barn Door is open

Dear Authors: This week you may notice some odd activity as we’re experimenting with allowing 3rd party article distribution services to funnel articles in via a special web developers back door concept. Currently there are only 3 approved to test with us and after those 3 help us get the back-end systems right, we’ll re-decide which direction to go. Mostly, we’re interested in acquiring new author relationships that were not aware of previously.

We’re also busy writing new tools to help ensure that duplicate article submissions are not accepted including those that are similiar to articles that were already submitted. Primary goal here is to not accept duplicate content and preserve the usefullness of our site.

The tougher challenge is how to absorb (and dispose) articles that we normally reject via the front door (10.5% on average) so that they don’t get bunched up or slow down our acceptance of our first priority: Existing registered members. It’ll probably take us a few weeks to sort this out, but the end result will be improved functionality for a larger quantity of expert authors. :)

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