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I saw the CNN specials and the Fox news reports and even the Dr Phil special on Huricane Katrina… but it was not until I saw this flood map did it really sink in. Click on the map, drill into the city by zooming in and then flip between the red Katrina button and the regular satellite map. Flood data is from Tuesday.

Not knowing anyone in the path of the huricane, I turned to our database to see which EzineArticles authors were from New Orleans and the area. Turns out there were 8 authors registered with us. We’re contacting them to see if they are ok and will ask what type of assistance or help we can lend to them.

Take a listen to this when I called one of them

More info will be updated here:

1) None of the 8 authors have checked in or sent in any articles since the Huricane. No surprise there.

2) One of the New Orleans authors is Platinum with us and I called his home phone number and his cell phone. The Cell phone number said all circuits are busy (under water). His home phone number said that due to extensive storm damage, service may not return for an extended period of time.

3) None of the 8 emails I sent to them bounced…which only means their ISPs are still working… but most likely, we won’t hear from them for a while, if at all.

Updated Saturday, Sept 10th 8am CST:

The only EzineArticles Platinum member from New Orleans responded to me via email saying that the American Red Cross is best for any donations because of their low administrative costs.


Aderemi Ojikutu writes:

Please, understand this oddity: I feel proud as an author here to know that even in New Orleans, a part of us is there.

Thanks, Chris, for this excellent research. None of us knew this fact when you moved us to turn in a flood of articles in Solidarity with victims of Katrina. Once again: CURSED BE THE RAGE OF KATRINA!

To me, that means nothing happens in any part of this globe that would not affect EzineArticles.com! Our literary tentacles are everywhere!!!

That also goes to confirm my personal believe that this site is a platform of destiny. We would not disappoint our glorious destination. We Shall Get There!

Comment provided September 11, 2005 at 9:19 AM



Hello Chris,

I have finally settled in Iowa and look forward to writing again. Katrina has completely destroyed my home. I see in the interim that my articles have still been read by many people.

If there is anything I can do for you please let me know.


Michael Bresciani

Comment provided October 18, 2005 at 9:51 AM


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