EzineArticles RSS, going deeper

In an interest to make it even easier for you to add ANY of our 182 categories of fresh new articles to your My.Yahoo or MyMSN customized home page or to plug it into your RSS reader of choice, we’ve now implemented RSS feed buttons that are category specific within each category.

Example: When you go our Weight Loss section, on the upper right corner of the category view, you’ll notice 3 buttons to help you implement that feed into your RSS vehicle of choice.
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High Demand Content? 4 Tips

An author asks me from AskChrisKnight.com this question:

“I only want to write high demand content topics. How do I figure out which topics within my niche are in demand the most?”

4 Quick Ways:

1) By having your own “AskMyName” website that gives you commonly asked questions by your audience, you can easily see pattern questions that make for great current interest topis.

2) Using a keyword research to determine which keywords or keyphrases are being searched for the most in recent weeks. Goodkeywords is a free and popular tool. Google Suggest is also cool to surf.

3) By watching your existing article traffic reports to help you understand where the interest spikes are. When you see a spike in a topic category, crank out another dozen articles on that narrow topic.

4) Watch the EzineArticles.com most searched for keywords. Example: Look at the most popular searches for the sub-category: Diabetes. This list is a great starting place assuming no one has already written an article title with one of those most popular search results.

Thanks to Laurence Baker

A quick thank you to EzineArticles.com Expert author Laurence Baker for his Alexa positive comments left:

“I’ve been watching where my traffic is coming from and I’m getting more clickthroughs from this site than the other 4 or 5 I submitted to combined. It’s definately my first choice for getting exposure from articles.”

We love reading comments like that. If you’ve got a moment, please post a positive review of EzineArticles.com on the Alexa website. It’s a great opportunity for you to get some more free exposure & branding while telling everyone of your successes with our site. :) ..and if you have something not so nice to say, say it to me privately and I’ll do everything I can to help.

Let Us Help You Help Us

On an average day we review and approve 300 to 600 articles. When we review these articles, we often make small modifications to some of the articles so that they will display correctly (HTML code error fixes) when live or to fix a minor spelling/grammar/sentence structure infraction per our Editorial Guidelines. Because of the sheer volume of incoming articles, we aren’t always able to take the time to email each author to let them know of the modifications we have made to improve or fix their article.

The down side to this is that when the author with the article that required a lite modification sees their live article, they think everything was perfect when it wasn’t…
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Market with Articles CD

You are not seeing double…

Market Yourself With Articles Now
Market Yourself With Articles by Cathy Stucker

Cathy Stucker, the Idea Lady, interviewed me in a teleseminar and produced this excellent audio CD and companion e-Guide on how to market yourself with articles. This is my first physical product of many to follow in the Article Marketing niche that is also a passion of mine.

I cover key topics such as how to choose great topics for your articles, what makes a powerful article title, word length, resource box secrets, what you should not do with your articles (mistakes to avoid), promoting yourself on multiple topics and more article marketing strategies.

Cathy’s companion e-Guide gives you live links to more than 50 article banks and distribution services you can use to find a large audience for your articles and more. You can acquire just the audio CD or just the companion e-Guide or both, your choice. :]

Posthumously Articles

I learned a new word this week: posthumously –> It’s an adjective that means “after death.”

Laura M. Walker

Today, we received our first articles posted by an author who died tragically at a young age: Laura M. Walker

Laura was working on these articles right before her death and her family sent them to us so that others could benefit from their daughter’s writing passion:

The Things That Stay Important To Us…
Road Linking Afghan Cities Nears Completion

I can think of no better honor for Laura’s family than to continue to allow her articles spread the truth about what our troops are doing for the benefit of future generations of our friends in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

It’s my understanding that Laura had dreams of becoming a journalist when she returned home from duty. It was great to see that she had an opportunity to document her work while out there and from many of the photos on her memorial site, it appears she was a great photographer as well. She will be missed.

High Noon

2008 EzineArticles authors got pink slips today… Actually, we just identified an extra 2008 authors who created membership accounts between October 20th of 2004 through July 31st 2005 — and never sent in any articles yet.

So today, they got an email giving them till Friday night to send in articles. On Monday, we’re purging all of them unless they have at least 1 article submitted that meets our editorial guidelines.

Some registered members are under the false impressions that just having an account welcomes them into our family. Truth is, we don’t begin sharing secrets with the EzineArticles family members until at least 1 or more articles are accepted on our site (in terms of the private mailing list).

e-Diets Experts

Just wanted to give a mention that many of e-Diet’s expert authors are now in the EzineArticles.com house:

-> Carolina Diaz-Bordon
-> Dr. Matthew Anderson
-> Glenn Mueller
-> John McGran
-> Julia Griggs Havey
-> Raphael Calzadilla
-> Susan Burke

Here are two excellent ones they recently sent in: 10 Reasons To Eat Your Veggies, and Avoiding Exercise Errors. A warm welcome to the e-Diets family from the EzineArticles.com family.

Lance Winslow Leads

Will anyone ever give Lance Winslow a run for the “King of The EzineArticles Hill” title?

Today, Lance crossed the 2,000 articles submitted barrier proving that it can be achieved and in a short period of time.

While he often writes about science, aviation, and politics… many of his articles on the topic of writing articles are very good as well.

First, congrats to Lance for setting the pace and leading the pack. Second, who will be next to catch him? Do you have what it takes?
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Rich Jerk

Every once in a while, something so obnoxious comes along that makes you wonder why you’re even giving it human CPU cycles.

Along comes Kelly Felix (aka Kelly Summer), the Rich Jerk, and his anti-marketing messages.

I was all set to ignore him, until I noticed over 900 incoming search queries this month to this article: The Rich Jerk – A Study in Anti-Marketing, and then more articles on the same topic. And so forth
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