Pre-Basic Membership

Now that we’re keeping up with incoming submissions (almost too well), we’ve had time to tighten up our system and begin looking at ways we can help new registered authors with us get from point A (having registered an account with us) to point B (submitting their first in a series of articles).

You’d be amazed how many hundreds of accounts are created monthly that never submit any articles and frankly, I’m not sure why… which is why we’re going to poll them today and find out for the first time. Once I find out, I’ll let you know.

I’m even considering segmenting new members into a new status called “PRE-BASIC” until they earn the right to hold a BASIC account by sending in at least (1) article that we’re able to accept.

Lastly, after this process is done, we’re going to begin a new process of sending a series of sequenced emails to new members who created an account but didn’t send in any articles…ending in the removal of their account if they don’t send in any articles after 15-45 days of creating a new account.

It’s my belief that our system will run faster for all of those actively using it if we can remove the bloat of members who showed up to the party, but did nothing or we failed to motivate them to do anything (like submitting articles).

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