New Ezine Members

Every day about 17-35 new subscribers join the EzineArticles periodic email newsletter.

I’ve been pondering where these subscribers come from…so I grabbed a random day that we didn’t send out a newsletter (so it wouldn’t be influenced) to study.

Here’s what I found out: Monday, August 8th, 22 members joined our main email newsletter, 1 unsubscribed within 3 hours of joining, 12 members joined because they created a new EzineArticles author membership account and 9 joined either with the subscription form in the left navigation or our sign up page. While most confirmed their subscription within 3 minutes of asking to join, the average was about 14 minutes from requesting the subscription to actually confirming it with 3 members taking 12-14 hours before they confirmed their subscription.

Interesting to note that 100% of those who asked to join our newsletter actually confirmed their subscription. It’s not that I’m surprised by this, but traditional knowledge indicates that only 60-75% actually confirm for those who require double opt-in as we do.

Now that we’re on a run rate to add 7,600-9,000 new members annually, I need to begin thinking about how we can double or triple that. If you have a favorite list building idea, I’d be interested to hear it.

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