Most Relevant SERPs

Every day, 1000-1200 unique searches are done on our site.

Ok, so we began this innocent little project to collect, sort, organize and analyze the 1000-1200 unique search keywords and key phrases every day — so that we could deliver to our readers related/relevant searches that might add value to their experience.

Our first 4-5 attempts at this failed and we’re on the 2nd search engine type for this project. Now that it appears we have a bead going (welding reference), we’re building the inventory of most popular search terms.

Would be easier if it was just for our site wide, but nooooooo, I had to make it more difficult on our tech crew as I wanted the most popular search terms delivered BY sub-category!

This way, if you were viewing an article about aviation, you would be looking at the most relevant search terms for folks who ended up reviewing articles about aviation instead of pets, depression, or whatever.

So now that it’s finally working and not driving our webserver into the ground via intense indexing load, we just have to let a few more days pass in order to weed out the search results that produce no results…as there is no value in seeing a search result that someone else did that provided no results.

I’ll keep you posted on our progress of this little home built search engine process.

NOTE: SERPS = Search Engine Results Page(s)

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