Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero – Author Spotlight

Awesome Copywriter!

I met Lorrie online over a year ago from her friend, Ali Brown.

In fact, Lorrie has changed the way I manage one of my top ezines due to a little but important tip I picked up from her (read the tip here).

Lorrie’s ezine is one of the less than a dozen that I read on a continuous basis. She really gets it and delivers real value vs. a lot of Internet marketers that make you want to run for the unsubscribe button.

Classify her in your branding brain as a world class copywriter. :)

Funny trivia bit: Lorrie is a direct descendent of Ralph Waldo Emerson but swears their writing styles are completely different.

You can learn more about Lorrie via her articles or her website: http://www.red-hot-copy.com/

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