Introducing…The Wally

If you’ve been interacting with our system over the past month, there is no doubt you’ve had an article or comment or support question answered by Associate Editor #4.

But, who is this mysterious Editor #4?

If you guessed “Wally”, then you win.

Wally became part of the EzineArticles team back in June and took over the daily operations of EzineArticles in the first week of July. Soon, you’ll see his blog posts here whenever he has an Article Marketing rant or rave to share with you.

Even though Wally is new to, he is not new to us as he was part of our management team in the last company that we built together where he had the role of VP of Marketing, among many other hats and titles. Because of working with us in a prior life, he short cutted the normal 6 weeks of training that it takes us to bring a new Associate Editor on board, down to 2 weeks or so.

More about Wally: He’s funny. He’s thorough. He’s fair. He’s quick. …and he’ll follow through on hundreds of concurrent projects, people and ideas all at the same time without dropping too many balls. There are few that can juggle the number of projects at one time like Wally (heck, he probably can juggle real objects in the air but I don’t recall seeing him do that).

His current title with us today is Managing Editor/Marketing Manager.

Give him a warm welcome when you see him post in this blog and be sure to add your comments to his blog or forum threads.

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charles horton writes:

I have interacted with Wally and I found him to be personalble, kind and quick. Thanks Wally

Comment provided August 27, 2005 at 12:29 PM


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