Handshake Secrets

It’s well known that the secret to a quality handshake with another human is not in the strength of the grip, but in the quality of the connection made by the gesture.

Applied to Article Marketing, the quantity of traffic your article creates for your website is in direct proportion to the quality of the connection that you build with your reader. With that said, it’s not about the QUANTITY of words in your article, but rather the QUALITY of the connection.

Consider creating your connection with your reader in 400-750 words rather than 2500 to 5000 words. We live in a ‘bite size’ society now and less is more.

Useless Related Trivia: Bill Richardson, age 57 and the Governor of New Mexico shook 13,392 hands in 8 hours — earning him the designation of most productive hand shaker within the 8 hour time period (Source: USA Today 8/28/05)


Edward writes:

Well said. Readers don’t want to wade through 2000 words when browsing the internet. They want information and they want it fast!

Plus, smaller articles get the point across quicker. In the copywriting world, they say the more you tell the more you sell, but this might not apply to article marketing.

Usually, authors ramble on way too long before you get to the “meat” of the subject they are supposed to discuss (based on their headline).

I always appreciate reading an author who gives me what I want and that is useful information!

Comment provided August 28, 2005 at 1:20 PM


Dina Giolitto writes:

Yes, it’s true, the reader wants easily digestible bits of information. And in addition to that free information, an author will do well to include a bit of human truth and commiseration in their article. Because the humanity is what gets across and sticks with people. Seems to me, that’s where the “connection” part of the article handshake comes in.

I saw the Magic Handshake in action a few times watching the CEO of my old company giving out heartfelt congratulations for jobs well done. He really had that human touch, and that was one reason why people looked up to him.

Whether you’re a corporate leader, a thought leader or both, I agree… the human-to-human connection is key.

Comment provided August 28, 2005 at 5:09 PM


Lance Winslow writes:

Good points here. You know some cultures are problematic for hand shakes. For instance in the Middle East many places they do not use toilets with toilet paper and use their right hands to wipe afterwards, thus feel very uncomfortable shaking hands, as you might shaking their hands. Additionally in the United States and Western Cultures, I am careful always to see if the other party looks me in the eyes and has a solid handshake. If not I question their integrity, unless of course it is a nationality which avoids direct eye contact or normally does not shake hands. Think on this.

Comment provided August 28, 2005 at 10:05 PM


Dina writes:

Hey, Lance. That’s true… but I thought the right hand is the eating/shaking hand? My one friend who is a lefty went to Nepal and had a doozy of a time trying to use a fork with the right. Incidentally, he came home with dysentery.

I took a class once called Nonverbal Communication and we learned the ways in which handshakes, eye contact and personal space varies from Continent to Continent. I believe it was the Asians who cast their eyes downward upon meeting you – to show respect.

However, that class was back in 1992 and I would bet that the intermingling of cultures has changed a lot of things since then. And in getting back to the topic at hand – article writing… maybe we can all write global networking articles on this! :T

Comment provided August 29, 2005 at 8:25 AM


Lance Winslow writes:

Well in further review one could say that with word limits such as 250 words, that some things can be said with proper use of the English language in fewer words and you have got across your concept or point. Thus one needs to fill up the rest of the article with filler and cliches (hopefully not many of those), analogies and a personal story or two in order to make the word count. I particularly find this to be so when telling a joke on the humor category. Generally you can tell a joke to make a point as an analogy in 50-80 words and therefore your point is made, some with as little as 25-40 words. Everyone relates with humor. This site does not allow for such things, but there are joke sites to submit to and they get picked up all over the Internet as well, of course generally you cannot have such a substantial by-line for article marketing.

And on the other end of the scale; A research article which has lots of examples and is a full on discussion is of value for serious people in that line of endeavor whatever it might be and 2000 words is possible, permissible and often desired. Yes, most people will generally NOT read it, but those who do can derive information. Yes, it is against the norm of society in this click world of seven-minute maximum segments on TV, but not everyone has the attention span of a Nat. For article marketing quick, fast, short, click for more works best. But in the end we are giving into the human attention deficit spans and training those to be even shallower in mindset? Think on that.

Now then obviously if we wish to be reasonable men, as most of humanity does to not make waves, then we will need to go with the flow and keep the articles tight, sweet, informative, with the hook, line and sinker reasoning that sells for article marketing technique best practices, which have been proven by some of the superstar marketers on this site. Probably and definitely in my opinion and observation the greatest collection of the world’s best online article marketers in the world. After all if you are not an author on this site and you are into article marketing you are completely missing out and are only fooling yourself. The best are here, we ought to watch them evolve this market segment and learn from them. Chris, a major kudos for that and your hard work in this industry; it shows.

I liken the hand shake or click-off which the article marketer is looking for to an Olympic Hand off in the 400 Meter Relay. Sometimes when you read a really good article, short, to the point, it just flows and makes you want more. It is so smooth and flowing and natural, yet it happens at the speed of thought, a click and you are on your way. That is what many of the great authors here do. It is amazing the grace and ellegance of it all. You can just feel it as you read. Dina, you are one of them. Edward too, as people learn about new techniques of piano playing. And in the end it is those authors which not only bring legitimacy to the industry of article marketing, but also to the associations and market segments in which they sell. To those and there are so many of them here; I say WOW!

How much is too much for article marketing? Well, when I started out I had many articles, which were pushing 10-15 pages. Each page or should I say to the five to six inch mark on the word processor using default settings and 12 pt. Font could in fact be made into a single article. Sometimes they cannot be cut down that much. One author named Robert Baird writes many short and long articles, often writing just enough to wet your appetite with detailed information and once you go to his website you see he is a life-time studier and expert in his endeavors and you will want to know more. Some of his longer articles are quite good indeed. The short ones are too. It would seem when you cannot cut down an article it is best to make sure the article had great content first, with less filling and great taste. Short should be a priority, but perhaps not the only priority you see? Well then, those are my thoughts, having written a few articles of my own over the last six months.

Comment provided August 29, 2005 at 5:07 PM


Dina writes:

Lance, I think you’re in your own special category. :)

If you’re using the articles for MARKETING purposes and not for teaching purposes, then they should be SHORTER.

Why? Webmasters will not pick up long articles.

The more times your article gets picked up, the more your URL gets seen and the more clicks back to your site.

That’s why your articles should be brief and easy on the eyes. Hot topic helps too!


Comment provided August 29, 2005 at 8:35 PM


Lance Winslow writes:

I agree with you and most points in theory. However, in practice I can say that my large articles have been picked up too. Not as much as the smaller articles, but all my articles seem to have been picked up on websites all over the world now. Hot topics do help that is for certain, that I had noticed right away. Some of my larger articles which are into the maximum allowed on this site by making the cut off by only 10-100 words were picked up. Now then for Ezines, they were not picked up, but my articles often, have punctuation; ‘issues” and the occassional speling arror y’know?

But for the most part you are right, and we should advise on the fundamentals. So taking all that into consideration, I would say you are correct. Now then this site of course has Education categories and in those categories larger articles are more relevant in many cases. Anyway. I just think that point needs to be understood. Also I have noticed that many of my larger articles spider better under the key words and get higher rankings here. And to that point get read and seen by more people here. Some have over 500 article views on this site and are 1500-2000 words. So whereas I agree with you, I am also disecting this issue into complete scrutiny. You see?

Comment provided August 30, 2005 at 3:58 AM


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