Firefox & Submittal Errors

With my initial foray into the Blog, I thought I would touch on something of a recurring issue that I’ve noticed coming up in the recent support emails we’ve been receiving.

Most of the emails start out something along the lines of:

“While trying to submit (or edit an existing) article, I hit submit and received an error about some guidelines violation.”

Well, after trying to duplicate the error myself too many times to count with no success (I guess I have a problem succeeding at failure ;-) ), I enlisted the help of our talented tech team and lo-and-behold the problem seemed to only be affecting Mozilla Firefox users.

I’m a relatively big fan of Firefox, but it would appear that something within it doesn’t agree with our system. So in the hopes that this may help some frustrated Firefox users out there that may be experiencing the same issue I have three words for you – Clear Your Cache.

Yep, Firefox browsers appear to be caching some portion of the submittal process which then causes an error during the submittal process. While we are working on finding a remedy for this, for the short term if you are using FireFox and receive an error while submitting or editing an article – Follow the below steps:

In Firefox, Click on the ‘Tools’ option and then choose the “Options” section in the pull-down. This will bring up a small, new window with some choices on the left, you’re looking for the ‘Privacy’ option. Once in there either click on the ‘Cache’ option and click on ‘Clear’ or you can choose ‘Clear All’ on the bottom but this will also remove any Cookies, Saved Info and History as well. Once you have done this, close your Firefox Browser, then open it back up, login to your account and try submitting/editing the article again.

Like I said, we are investigating some other solutions but for the short term hopefully this will alleviate some frustration for the Firefox users out there.


Dina writes:

WOW, Wally makes a grand blog entrance with some excellent info! Nice to finally meet you, Wally.

Comment provided August 30, 2005 at 10:27 AM


Brian Baldwin writes:

Just an FYI.
I use Mozilla and haven’t had a problem. Course now that I say this, it’ll probably happen to me too. But at least I now know how to fix it. LOL


Comment provided August 30, 2005 at 5:08 PM


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