Ezine Mailing Mistake Lesson

Yesterday, I had sent our HTML email newsletter by mistake…as I had put the HTML code into the PLAIN TEXT box instead of the HTML box. The reason I didn’t catch it was because my email program (Eudora Pro) was smart enough to know it was HTML and it rendered it perfectly…fooling me into thinking the newsletter was good to go.

One day later, it’s interesting to report that 172 members (2%) of our email newsletter out of 8,271 that were sent the issue were able to render it perfectly.

Assuming another 2-3% will open the first one over the next week, this means that only 5% of our members are using email programs as smart as Eudora Pro 6.2! If I were using a dumber email program, perhaps I would have uncovered the mistake before releasing the newsletter. Lesson learned.

This same lesson shows up with the Microsoft Internet browser (MSIE) when we are reviewing article submissions because MSIE will compensation for authors who don’t know how to HTML code properly whereas FireFox (the browser I use and require our editors to use) will almost always show the dirt in bad HTML code so that we can fix it.

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Kim Beardsmore writes:

Thanks for the tip about firefox.

Comment provided August 31, 2005 at 2:38 AM


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