Cancer Articles- New Screening Process

To reach a higher level of confidence that cancer related article submissions are original works, we now screen all cancer articles submitted via multiple exact match searches of complex sentences within the articles via the major search engines.

Normally we do random checks and have a series of insider tools we use to track, catch and stop non-original submissions from becoming accepted…but with cancer articles, they will all get a higher level of attention as we work harder to ensure we only represent original articles.

We’re also going back to the last 191 cancer articles we accepted to do the same screening process to get a higher level of confidence that they are in fact original articles and do not contained borrowed content without permission or content taken from government websites.

Most likely we are heading for a day when 100% of all articles get screened against multiple exact match searches of random complex sentences as we don’t want to be just another article bank that accepts garbage or non-original works.

Your original quality articles are always appreciated. :)

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