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7-12 beta-testers wanted:

We have a brand new feature that allows you to put a snippet of javascript code into your website and it will automatically display your live articles with us. It’s probably the coolest thing our tech team produced this month.
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EOM Crunch

Yes, someone did turn up the volume around here.

In the month of August, we have been averaging 407 articles approved during the weekdays.

This week, we are turning up our approval speed to reach an internal goal of 9,500 articles approved for the month of August.

Probably will cap ourselves at 550-575 per day so that we don’t overtlty offend our real-time email alert members who may feel a bit hammered by the volume increase.

My gut feeling is that the article submission dam is about to burst and September is going to be a record breaking month in terms of article submissions…especially with most writers having kids that are going back to school allowing more focus time on business building activities.

Firefox & Submittal Errors

With my initial foray into the Blog, I thought I would touch on something of a recurring issue that I’ve noticed coming up in the recent support emails we’ve been receiving.

Most of the emails start out something along the lines of:

“While trying to submit (or edit an existing) article, I hit submit and received an error about some guidelines violation.”

Well, after trying to duplicate the error myself too many times to count with no success (I guess I have a problem succeeding at failure ;-) ), I enlisted the help of our talented tech team and lo-and-behold the problem seemed to only be affecting Mozilla Firefox users.
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Michael J. Katz’s E-Newsletter System

Michael J. Katz's E-Newsletter System

I’m currently reading EzineArticles Expert author, Michael J. Katz’s Do-It-Yourself E-Newsletter System&trade. Got threw his 154 page manual in a few days and found quite a few gems.

His manual focuses on sole proprieters and small business owners. One thing, among quite a few, that I liked about what of the bonuses he included with his manual was a small binder of his “best e-newsletter issues). I thought that was a perfect way to capture the essence of his ezine and add additional offline value for his clients. Perhaps many of our authors could do the same by repackaging your articles to create offline products. hint hint. :))

If you can afford his E-newsletter system, I’d highly recommend it. His writing style is funny, irreverant at times, and he teaches through story-telling and case studies. If you’ve been having a hard time trying to find your authentic or original voice when putting your email newsletter together, his system can help.

Exclusive Defined

Because some authors are fuzzy about what the word “Exclusive” means when we say that you must have “an exclusive license or right to any article that you submit to us”… I thought I’d share the definition: defines “EXCLUSIVE” as:
“not divided or shared with others; “they have exclusive use of the machine”; “sole rights of publication””

We define “exclusive” as the fact that you have the sole rights of publication of the article.
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Handshake Secrets

It’s well known that the secret to a quality handshake with another human is not in the strength of the grip, but in the quality of the connection made by the gesture.

Applied to Article Marketing, the quantity of traffic your article creates for your website is in direct proportion to the quality of the connection that you build with your reader. With that said, it’s not about the QUANTITY of words in your article, but rather the QUALITY of the connection.

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Article Problem Resolution

Systematizing Article Problem Resolution Emails Helped Create 22.7% Increase In Accepted Articles This Month!

When we first started the article approval process, whenever an article didn’t match our editorial guidelines…I’d snap off an email to the author and let them know what they needed to correct.

Somewhere around February of this year, the load exceeded my time to keep up with the personal emails and our Associate Editors were treading water just to keep up with approving the quality articles.

One month ago today we began sending automated emails that were customized by problem status type. In the last 30 days, 1,193 articles didn’t meet our editorial guidelines and they received 1 of 15 different problem resolution emails designed to explain the problem and give a suggestion on how to fix it.

What’s been the net effect of this change?
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Keeping Ghostwriters Honest

Lately, ghostwriters have gotten a bad rap..similar to that of snake oil salesmen of the early 1900’s.

The majority of ghostwriters are good, hard-working writers that just want a fair pay for their efforts.

The reality is also that at least 15-30% of ghostwriters (my rough estimate) are ripping you off blind by submitting stolen content to you as original. Your reputation is highly at risk.

Here’s how you can hold your ghostwriter accountable:

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My Goat Wrote It

Theme: We only love authors who send in original content.

Boy, if we wrote a book about every excuse that lame authors send in when they get busted for sending in non-original works… we’d have a book that no one would want to read (except for the humor that comes from the absurdity).

First, we’d hear that their ‘darn’ ghostwriter must have sent them garbage…as if they weren’t responsible for the integrity of the articles that they send in under THEIR NAME.

Next, we’d hear that their daughter wrote the articles in order to earn some college money. I didn’t have any idea she was stealing content to create the articles. Duh! Don’t be a lame parent and blame your incompetence on your daughter as it was you that didn’t train her properly.

Some come right out and say, “blame it on neophyte exuberance” as if this makes their sins ok in some odd twisted way. “I didn’t know it was wrong to send in non-original content” Geez, how lame can you be?

Important Lesson For Newbies To Article Marketing: You have not earned the right to hire anyone to write your articles for you if you don’t have the competence to know the difference between original content vs. abuse of fair use doctrine or content theft.

Over 320 authors lost their account earlier this week as we tightened up our quality standards to weed out authors who sent in articles that we could not determine without a shadow of a doubt that their content was original. Greater majority of these authors had already been trapped before their articles made it to our live site, so we’re really just doing house cleaning and dumping the trash.

Best way to keep your account is to send in ONLY original content that you personally wrote. :) …I’m not “KIDing”… get it? That’s a Goat reference.

Caching Testing

[UPDATED NOTE Aug 25th, 1:44pm CST: We have disabled caching due to a long list of unintended consequences that we are researching how to overcome, one by one.]
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