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Best way to avoid credibility troubles as an article author is to write your own works. Period.

If you belong to one of those vomit article recycle clubs, you are welcome to keep your content. We don’t want it.

Many times these “article/info content vomit article spit swapping initiatives” will create a rule that allows their content to be used on the members website, but the license can’t be used by non members. You can imagine the hot water you’d be in if you sent in some of that limited reprint rights article spit to our site as we require that you allow anyone to reprint your content as long as they give you and us a link back in exchange, amoung other reprint right requirements in our TOS.

We just had to flush an author and all of his articles today after having this very thing happen. Not fun and a waste of time for us, this author, and the lawyer that represented the owner of the content.

Bottom line: Write your own content or be legal certain that you have an exclusive copyright license to the content you’re submitting to us.

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Engineering writes:

the copyright law in internet about article submission should be more modified….now a days the comment,artcle,blog..everything is very agreesive ….however to keep an original content every website can use a search engine help…………by also submissioning in search engine the time when he submitted it in to a website……..the first article will be denoted by original & it will be keep original

Comment provided May 11, 2007 at 4:14 PM


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