Odd Trend: Authors Numbering Articles

So this is an odd trend that bugs me enough to mention it so that newbie authors who might read this can correct it:

Let’s say you’re sending in 7 articles today.

Whatever you do, do not put the article number in the title of the article.

BAD Example: Dog Grooming Tips – Article #3
GOOD Example: Dog Grooming Tips

Why? No one cares that this is your 3rd article. It’s meaningless garbage or title bloat. Make sense? :]


Luksi Humma writes:

I would take issue with that Chris, why would a book have different chapters? Or Sections? Because there are different ideas expressed about a subject which has a broad array of topics contained therein.
Of course you realize, in fact, I am defending my very own position. Considering I have two continuing articles with exactly the trend you are detesting! :)
I am certainly willing to learn more about “title bloat” from you experiences.
I guess writing for the first time for me, as just an expressive conduit, as opposed to trying to “get noticed”, can be confusing on my part. Thanks, Luksi Humma

Comment provided August 3, 2005 at 7:50 AM


Dina Giolitto writes:

Hello, allow me to add my two cents Luksi…

The reason why it’s pointless to number your articles is because they’re going to be picked up and displayed on websites other than this one.

If a petcare website needing one article picks up “Dog Grooming 2”, then everyone who reads the article on the pet site is going to think, “Well, what happened to Dog Grooming 1?”

Hopefully the petcare webmaster would be smart enough not to pick up ANY numbered articles, because he’s thinking of his readers, whom he doesn’t want to confuse or annoy.

And that should be reason enough why we shouldn’t number our articles. Because you want them to get picked up.


Comment provided August 4, 2005 at 10:23 AM


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