NEW: Basic PLUS Membership

A brand new membership level has now been created to help article authors who have a hard time reading, understanding or interpreting our posted editorial guidelines.

It’s called: Basic PLUS (Allows 25 More Submissions)

Essentially it gives the author the acknowledgement that their first 10 article submissions were ‘good’ to ‘ok’ or even ‘great’ but there is some element they are missing that didn’t allow us to approve them to Platinum Unlimited status.

Basic PLUS members will be given 25 article submission credits to prove they can follow our posted editorial guidelines. If they follow them, when the 25 are used up, we will re-evaluate their account and any notes we left on the account for possible upgrade to Platinum Unlimited status.

If it’s not obvious yet, the base criterial for whether we upgrade an account to Platinum Unlimited status is whether they have followed our posted editorial guidelines or not.

There will be no public identifiers for the Basic PLUS members, even though we will be identifying each submissions internally as having come from a Basic PLUS member (to ensure that priority goes to Platinum members first, then Basic PLUS members, and lastly BASIC members).

Easy access to Platinum Unlimited status has been halted and the bar has been raised with this new buffer membership level between Basic and Platinum.

Always open to your comments or feedback on this new membership level.

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Denise O'Berry writes:

Chris —

I can only imagine some of the submissions you get. I get so many poorly written pitches to my Small Business Matters publication, it makes me wonder. You are doing a great service to all of us and we appreciate you!

Denise O’Berry

[NOTE FROM CHRIS KNIGHT: Thanks Denise! Much of the credit now goes to the EzineArticles editorial team as they do most of the heavy lifting of sorting through all of the incoming articles :-]

Comment provided July 13, 2005 at 11:50 AM


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