How Deep Is The Well

Lance had posted a comment on my last blog post questioning (I’m sure playfully and with a serious tone at the same time) our solidity. Figured it was a pretty important set of questions as it shakes our tree to see how deep the roots go. In some of my responses, I reply to Lance, but in other cases, I’m speaking to our blog readers in general.

Here were Lance’s questions and my responses to them:

[LANCE] How can we authors be sure that you will be around long term. I see many authors with over 50 articles on your Expert Author Page and they have SIGNIFICANT time and effort and have nearly as much risked.

[MY RESPONSE] has been around since November 19th, 1999. That makes us more than 4 years old and coming on our 5th anniversary in November of this year. Unlike so many new competitors that are here today and gone tomorrow, the chances of us being gone tomorrow are very slim.

If you think authors who have sent in 50 articles have as much risked as we do, I have no idea how you’re coming up with that conclusion. We’ve got 6 figures of labor investment alone in our infrastructure. Sure, it would have been cheaper to buy a $500 license to some content management system, but then we wouldn’t be able to do some of the cool things our team is able to do, including the things that are on deck that you have not seen yet.

I also don’t want to discount the good and valuable time that every author has invested to turn the crank on this article marketing & publicity machine…but, if they didn’t get a return from making the time investment, then I don’t blame them for not returning. I know it’s up to us to put out and produce results to keep every author coming back for more and I think we do that.

In fact, I bet there are at least a thousand authors who have as their number one traffic source outside of what a search engine can create in terms of traffic. This is part of our strategy… to deliver more traffic and a higher viral distribution than any other article directory can provide. I’m certain this has something to do with why so many thousands of new authors have been signing on with us.

[LANCE] What is the guarantee that EzineArticles is a long term endeavor and that the team has the cash flow and ability to continue?

[MY RESPONSE] We are debt free and cash flow positive.

[LANCE] How do we know your team can handle the intense and incredible growth?

[MY RESPONSE] Even though we are small (in terms of head count), 4 out of the 5 employees/team members that make up this business were with us in our previous mature dot com company that we built from scratch to several million in sales. We have a seasoned management team that has been there before, done that, and are doing it again.

Let me give you more perspective: The current team that is managing right now previously ran an 80 server network operations center that was staffed 24×7 and supported 40 employees, more than a thousand clients, and billions of transactions annually. You can imagine how much easier it is today for us to only manage 4 dedicated servers than the over 120+ PC’s & servers that we were managing only a few years ago.

To clarify, it’s “easier” but not always “easy” as if this were all very “easy ” to do, everyone would be doing it.

[LANCE] No one has ever done this before? How do we know you are up for the challenge and the Team is in it to win it? Inquiring minds want to know, especially those of us who watched the DotCom Bubble Burst; We want to know does EzineArticles have what it takes? What is the level of strength of character on your team? Who are they, where are they, what are their personal achievements and can they take us authors to the next step and if we join you and make this happen, can you carry that torch to victory? Come on, Come on. The authors know where we want to go today, can EzineArticles take us there?

[MY RESPONSE] You mean you can’t tell that we’re up for the challenge?

For now, I am the only public figure that represents and I want it that way to protect each of our team members from the small minority of authors who might be upset with our Associate Editor’s decision to not accept their articles. This is a common practice within this industry… heck, most of our competitors haven’t even uncloacked (1) human name that runs or owns their site.

People do what works and I hope as long as we are able to provide something “THAT WORKS” that people will continue to use and leverage the possibilities that can be created with an membership.

We do have a plan for and as much as I’d like to share all of the details publicly with everyone… it’s better to just watch as it all unfolds, or better yet…join in and be part of the team of thousands of authors that are already benefiting from sending in their quality original articles! :-) ok?

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Lance Winslow II writes:

I thank you for your sincere answers and commitment to the future and the team; both your Inner “Round Table” Circle there and all of us authors out here. I am happy to learn the Kingdom is strong and there is room for prosperity for all. This should encourage more excellent Expert Author’s to join us as we conquer the Digital Divide and keep the world informed with Knowledge based know-how. I am excited to know that there are new great things happening at as the anticipation is killing me. I am sure others come to this Blog and site each day to read new articles and find out what is new.

You are correct people are getting a great ROI on their article writing, the problem many wonder is that it is too good to be true and you know in life many wonder what is the catch? As many authors discover the value of they are switching their promotional and advertising budgets to include more article marketing and recreational writing here. Thus, they are wanting to make sure that once they switch to the better bang for their buck; 24-Hour Article Online Source that it will remain a market winner and will be here tomorrow. More and more authors are finding a better home for their articles here than anywhere on the Internet. I stand as a testament of that.

I am relieved to see that Team is financially and fiscally fit, as this is such a great concept we must maintain adequate fuel burn to reach orbit. Chris and Team you know or should have know that I know you are up for the Challenge, I just wanted to here you say it. Lance needs his team to win too, I just want to make sure you are all there on our next climb thru the treacherous hills and corners ahead. I am so proud to be part of the team and glad to have made discovery of this channel and online venue. Press on.

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